Wine Education

Wine education is something that is near and dear to my heart. Having worked in the hospitality industry for a long time, I soon realized the importance of wine with food which led me on a journey of wine discovery and wine education.

The marriage of food and wine is a key component to a dining experience in a quality restaurant. Wine education is growth area that consumers want to know more and appreciate that wine when paired well with a food dish will enhance their dining experience.

My education began by reading books. This can be challenging because there are many books available…where does one start? Purchase one by a recognized wine author such as Hugh Johnson or Jancis Robinson. Other options are wine classes/seminars or attending a culinary weekend to learn about the nuances of food and wine harmony.

The next step is to start tasting wines.  Tasting plays an important part of wine education, as you use all of your senses. Try the following suggestions to best start tasting:

  • The LCBO has regular tastings.
  • Join a local Wine Club. (My wife and I run a wine club in the winter months please email us if you are interested in becoming a member).
  • Visit wineries whenever you can. The Canadian Wine industry continues to grow both in Ontario and British Columbia.

Once you start to appreciate wines, start investing in your new found passion:

  • Start you own cellar. Choose an area in your home that is neither too warm nor cold and is free from vibration with little or moderate light and good air circulation.
  • For those up you who want to build a professional cellar invest wisely in the construction of your cellar. Pick someone who knows construction, has wine knowledge and proper wine storage.
  • Employ a wine consultant to advise you in how to invest in cellar inventory wisely. They will assist you by advising which wines to purchase that are a great find and/or value. They will tag the wines to let you know how long they should sit and only purchase wines which you will enjoy years to come.

Do you have a favorite wine yet?

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