The Growth of Organic Food

Restaurateurs beware! Organic food is growing in popularity!

Consumer research shows that 43% of people are buying more organic products than a year ago. Not only is organic produce free of pesticides, chemicals and additives, organic farming builds healthy strong soil and helps to solve erosion problems, encouraging healthy biodiversity.

The increase of choice and availability of organic foods today allows Chefs to be very creative with menu offerings. Today, Chefs can produce a 100% organic menu with the wide range of organic fruits and vegetables as well as organic poultry, beef and lamb. Let’s also not forget organic wine an integral component a dining experience!  As some organic foods are not available year round, Chefs have to become very creative and offer newly created menu items seasonally, keeping menu selections fresh.

The challenge for Chefs and Restaurateurs is organic produce is more expensive, which in turns increases the price points of menu items. The question we should be asking is whether or not consumers are willing to spend the extra money at restaurants that serve organic food and local sourced produce? Often restaurants offering farm fresh organic products can use this as a feature or marketing tool, whilst attracting employees who want to with an employer who is genuinely interested in protecting the environment.

There are many positives to using organic produce from a healthier diet to supporting the local community by keeping it clean and green.

How green is your grocery list?

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