How to Navigate Your Way Through a Restaurant Wine List

It is your anniversary. You and your partner arrive at a fancy restaurant you have never been to before. You are warmly greeted by the hostess, who takes you to your table and shortly thereafter your server appears, impeccably dressed. They explain today’s features and pass you the wine list. You start to sweat…as you have no idea why the wine list is like a novel…where do you start?

Here are some safe suggestions to order wine at a fancy restaurant:

  1. When in doubt ask the server to recommend something, most upscale restaurants will have a Sommelier, a designated wine expert or their service team will have sufficient knowledge to assist you in your choice.
  2. If ordering a glass of wine at the beginning of the meal go for the safest choice of the house wines a Chardonnay (white) or Cabernet (red).
  3. When ordering a bottle of wine from the wine list remember some basics steps: Upon presentation of the bottle, nod your head in approval of the label. Once the cork is pulled and presented no need to smell the cork. Keep the wine tasting simple, a quick swirl to aerate the wine and taste.

At this point remember, you are tasting the wine to see if there are any faults. If there are none approve it like a wine connoisseur and approve it with a gesture.

  1. Lastly if all else fails then simply use “The Wine Roulette” principal: close your eyes and point and simply hope for the best.

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