Feeling Good About Customer Service

If good customer service is so important to a business success, then why do so few have it?

Our appraisal of the service begins with our first impressions of a particular operation, which is impacted by the quality of the establishment such as a fine dining restaurant opposed to a pub.

As a customer service facilitator I remind myself that it is very important to remember that the number one reason why customers do not return to a business is because of poor staff attitude. Customer service assessment is often influenced by many factors such as food related experiences, level of culinary sophistication and own past experiences, which creates expectations.

My definition of service is something you cannot physically touch but experience thus creating emotions from within depending on that customer experience. Service plays a crucial role in our dining experience.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and your server asks how your meal is even though you are yet to try it?  Service expectations differ greatly depending on the individual and what should be a great experience can be changed by the attitude of your server.

Restaurant service plays a crucial role in dining experiences; few people will tolerate bad or disrespectful service even if the food is superior.

Customer service policies are normally set by the owner / manager after which staff are properly trained and made accountable.

Don’t accept bad service. Always inform an establishment if you are unhappy with what you have received. This at least gives them the opportunity to make amends.

Having worked in many fine dining restaurants, I fully understand the importance of presentation and creating that visual wow factor, however, I do not think it should be taken to the extreme.

My philosophy is taken from Gordon Ramsay, which is “Less is More” or the kiss approach as it is known.  In my opinion food should be true to itself.   I believe in using the finest, fresh ingredients available, preparing them well, creating a dish with emphasis three to four flavors being expressed at any given time.

I am sure many chef’s will disagree as they may believe that elaborate presentation gives chef’s the opportunity to show their artistic talent.  My belief is presentation needs to appealing, vibrant but most of all it must taste great.

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