BBQ – A Canadian Institution

Coming from across the big pond from the United Kingdom, I was fascinated by how popular BBQ cooking was here in Canada – something I had never previously used until I arrived here. Barbequing creates a great social atmosphere amongst friends and neighbors allowing people to interact casually for all sorts of occasions whilst enjoying great food and cold beer.

BBQ’s consist of two styles of cooking.  The first is the direct heat method, which is similar to broiling, where food is placed onto the pre-heated cooking grate. The second method is the indirect cooking method, which is similar to roasting.

Here are my tips for a successful summer of barbequing.

Firstly, make sure you are in the company of your wife…she can bring cold beer when you need one and restock the fridge as you deplete it!

Equipment – along with your BBQ, you will require long handled tongs, steel brush, a basting brush and a pair of oven mitts

Preheat the barbeque. Clean the grill while pre-heating, this helps with the cleaning process. Next, oil the grill. If you are using a spray, remove the grill from the barbeque to keep the oil spray from catching fire. Use a thin layer for the best results.

Cooking on your BBQ low is at 300F, medium 450F and high is normally 650F. Hamburgers ¾ thick should be cooked 9-12 minutes on a medium heat, Steak 1” thick anywhere from 3-7 minutes for rare up to 10-13 minutes for well-done. Fish generally is anywhere from 8-12 minutes unless frozen then double the cooking time.

If you prefer wine with your barbequed food, I would suggest a red or white from the south of France. Have a Sizzling summer!

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