A Healthy Start To Your Day

Since the opening of our Bed & Breakfast, Bacchus House, my wife, Annette and I, have made a conscious effort to offer items on our breakfast menu that offers our guests ‘heart smart‘ choices.

Research indicates, eating a healthy breakfast improves your diet with higher minerals, vitamins and nutrients. By eating a healthier breakfast, levels of concentration, strength and endurance improves, allowing us to lead a more active life whilst reducing cholesterol levels.

The key to adapting your early morning eating habits is to rise 15 minutes earlier each day, making time to prepare breakfast whilst enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed juice or favorite cup of java.

Here are some of my recommendations to start each day:

French Toast with Orange and Banana, made with non-dairy milk (soya) and pan fried with olive oil, not butter.

Our Oatmeal Parfait dish consists of Fresh Seasonal Berries, Natural Yoghurt, Honey and Almonds. This dish is full of nutrients, fiber and protein and is quick and easy to prepare.

Egg White Omelets with your favorite vegetable or seafood toppings

Protein shakes made with low fat or soymilk and blended with seasonal fruit.

Poached Eggs served with multi-grain bread and ham, a much healthier option than fried or scrambled with the traditional bacon and sausage.

These options are simple to prepare and stay away from the traditional carb filled or fatty items associated with breakfast.

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